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††††††††††††††††††††††††††† CONSTITUTION, BY-LAWS & TOURNAMENT RULES


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (Revised: January, 2008)







Section 1. Name.The club shall be called Fairfax Bass.


Section 2. Purpose. The purpose of the club is as follows:


∑ To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport


∑ To offer our state conservation and game and fisheries departments our organized moral and political support and encouragement


∑ To promote full adherence to all conservation codes and to demand adequate water standards and legal enforcement of existing regulatory standards


∑ To detect and report any polluter and call public and political attention to their crime


∑ To improve our skills as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of expert bass catching techniques and ideas and to promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this recreation


∑ To function as a dynamic and effective link with other clubs embracing the principles and purposes of The Bass Federation, Inc. (ďTBFĒ) and FLW Outdoors (ďFLWĒ)







Section 1. Number of Members. The club shall not exceed twenty-five (25) active members and must maintain as a boat owner/nonboat owner percentage of at least 60 percent boaters except as follows:


(A) An inactive member in good standing wishes to be activated; or


(B) The percentage declines, because one or more boat owners change status.

Section 2. Requirements for Membership.To become a member of Fairfax Bass, a person shall:


(A) Voluntarily express a genuine interest in membership;


(B) Be or become a member of FLW ;†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


C) Be recommended by a member in good standing at a regularly scheduled meeting;


(D) Fish with the recommending member prior to recommendation;


(E) Attend at least two club functions; and


(F) Receive a unanimous vote of approval from members present at a regular meeting.


Section 3. Waiting List.A membership waiting list will be established to prioritize potential members when membership is at capacity or the boater/nonboater percentage will be violated.Placement on the list will be based upon date of recommendation.


Section 4. Membership Dues.


(A) The membership dues shall be determined annually and voted on by the membership.The first increment is due and payable at the first scheduled meeting of the year.Based upon such items as the Treasurerís report, etc., the second increment will be discussed prior to the start of the second half of the tournament year and dues may be increased or decreased at that time.


(B) Dues are payable upon approval for membership.Yearly dues to FLW will be an individual responsibility.Fees for membership in the Virginia Bass Federation and TBF will be paid from the club treasury.


C) Members must have the first half of annual club dues for that tournament year paid in full prior to being drawn for a club tournament.The treasurerís report will include the names of those members who have not paid their club dues.Members must pay the second half club dues prior to fishing any tournament held after the second half dues amount is approved and announced.


Section 5. Tournament Entry Fees.The entry fee for each tournament shall be announced by the Treasurer at the first meeting of the year subject to approval of the membership by simple majority.Two dollars of each memberístournament entry fee shall be escrowed toward the Colvo Classic.The entry fee for the Colvo Classic shall be equal to two dollars times the number of club tournaments on the season schedule.Members must pay tournament entry fees prior to fishing a club tournament.The club Treasurer must receive tournament entry fees a minimum of 24 hours prior to the tournament day.Under no circumstances will entry fees be collected the day of the tournament.

Section 6. Inactive Status.A member in good standing requesting inactive or reactivation status must state his desire to the club President, who will inform the club members at the next regularly scheduled meeting. No vote is required for reactivation.







Section 1. Officers.The officers of the club and their duties shall be:


(A) President.The President shall provide leadership, promote fairness, and monitor enforcement and compliance with the club Constitution, By-laws and Tournament Rules.He shall preside over meetings and direct official business; appoint and direct all committee functions; supervise club functions; and represent the club at Region meetings;


(B) Treasurer.The Treasurer shall maintain club financial records; present a financial report at each meeting; identify those members delinquent in payments; recommend the amount for the semi-annual dues; prepare pay-out checks; pay the financial obligations of the club; collect entry fees; and assist the President as requested.


C) Secretary.The secretary shall record, prepare and distribute the minutes of the meetings, maintain and publish the club roster, and assist the President as requested.


(D) Tournament Director (TD).The TD shall schedule and conduct club tournaments, maintain records of tournaments and club standings, and conduct the meeting in the absence of the President.


Section 2. Elections.The election of officers shall be held annually at a regular meeting during November or December.Elections shall be by a simple majority of members present.Nominations for officers may be presented at the October or November meetings.Election for each office shall be held separately, in the order listed in Article III, section 1.Each member in good standing is entitled to one vote per office.Proxy voting is not allowed.


Section 3. Vacancies.In the event of an office becoming vacant, nominations shall be asked for and an election held to fill the unexpired term of the person vacating the office.


Section 4. Eligibility.To be eligible for an office a member must: 1) have been a member for at least 6 months; 2) attended as least 3/4 of club functions during the past six months; and 3) have shown an active interest in club ideals.







By a simple majority of members present (1 more than Ĺ), a member shall be dropped from the membership roster for the following:


(A) Three (3) months in arrears for dues payment;


(B) Any action which would reflect dishonor or disgrace on the club;


C) Failure to attend 50% of meetings and club functions during a 12 month period;


(D) Two failures to contact a partner or other club member in good faith to cancel a tournament rendevous and/or participation during a 12 month period.







Section 1. Responsibilities of the Tournament Director (TD).


(A) At the beginning of each calendar year the TD shall prepare the tournament schedule for that year.The schedule shall include a listing of the club tournaments, Region 1 tournaments, and any other major area tournaments or events of particular note.To the best of his ability, the TD shall attempt to schedule club tournaments so they do not conflict with other major area tournaments.


(B) The TD shall recommend the dates for club tournaments, the particular tournament waters and ramp sites at the first meeting of the calendar year.Prior to each event the TD will set the times for launch and weigh-in, subject to approval by a simple majority vote of club members attending the meeting.


C) When possible, the TD shall conduct the draw for the next upcoming tournament at a club meeting at least one weekend before the particular tournament(s).At each meeting, he shall announce the tournament being drawn for, and conduct a survey of the membership to determine those members who will be participating.Members will declare their intention when their name is called.The TD shall place the names of members bringing a boat in one hat and the names of nonboater members in another hat.The TD shall attempt to resolve uneven pairings where possible.Whenever boaters are paired, they shall determine who will be the boater.If they cannot reach a decision, they will make the determination by the flip of a coin.Pairings shall be considered final unless mitigating circumstances require a change prior to the start of the tournament.The TD shall make the adjustments where mitigating circumstances occur that requires changes in the final pairings.Each club member can request to fish with another specific member once per tournament year.The two members shall state their request and justification before the tournament draw at the club meeting for that draw, and a simple majority of the members present will be required for approval.


(D) The TD shall collect and maintain the statistics and standings for the club and shall make them available to the membership.The TD is required to provide the finishes of members for particular tournaments and the current club overall standings by the first club meeting following that (those) tournament(s).


(E) It is the responsibility of club members to assure that they have something to record their catch before the start of each tournament.At the conclusion of each tournament day the TD shall collect club membersí records of their catch or the Region 1 weigh-in slips containing the dayís results.The TD is required to make himself available for collection of the records for one hour after the conclusion of the tournament.If a club member fails to return his record prior to the departure of the tournament director, the tournament director shall refer the case to the Tournament Rules Committee for consideration.The Committee shall investigate the matter and may impose sanctions, which can include disqualification of a memberís catch.


(F) The TD is not required to issue club member results at the tournament site, but shall do so if circumstances permit.


(G) In the case of club tournaments, the TD shall keep the official time for the tournament.His decision regarding time violations concerning club members shall be final.The TD shall not, however, keep the time for Region or other tournaments in which the club is participating in conjunction with a club tournament.


(H) The TD shall have the power, subject to approval by the President, to cancel, postpone, move the site, or adjust the start and end times of a tournament either before or during the tournament due to hazardous conditions.


(I) In the case of absence of the TD from a tournament, the President shall assume his responsibilities, followed by the Secretary should the President be absent.


(J) In the case of serious or systematic violations of the tournament rules, the TD shall refer such violation or violations to the Tournament Rules Committee.


(K) In the event of any minor incident not covered specifically by these rules, not requiring a convening of the Tournament Rules Committee, and which requires a ruling, the TD shall issue a ruling in his best judgment.The TD will then bring that issue before the club membership at the next club meeting for discussion of the situation and final resolution as determined by the membership.



Section 2. Tournament Rules Committee.The creation and responsibility of the Tournament Rules Committee shall be as follows:


(A) The Committee shall be comprised of the President, the TD, and one other person from the club membership selected by the President.If one or more of these individuals is alleged to have committed a rules infraction they will excuse themselves from the Committee and another member or members will be appointed by simple majority vote of the club members attending the meeting in which the Committee is appointed.The President shall preside over the Committee unless he has excused himself from the Committee, in which case the Committee shall select their chairman.


(B) The Committee shall be called only upon request of any member and shall have authority and power to consider tournament rules violations and impose sanctions.Once a particular violation is adjudicated, the Committee shall disband.


C) Once a violation(s) has been referred to the Committee, the Committee shall consider the seriousness of the violation, the circumstances of its occurrence, and whether the violation(s) is part of a pattern. The Committee shall then determine if a violation exists and recommend an appropriate sanction or penalty to the membership, which may include expulsion of the member(s) involved.The decision of the Committee must be unanimous.The membership shall then vote on the report of the Committee, and that report, including sanction(s), may pass by simple majority.


(D) The Committee shall have the power and authority to interpret the tournament rules in the event of a dispute concerning proper interpretation. In the event that a situation arises which is not covered by these rules, any member may request a convening of the Committee to discuss the situation and amend the tournament rules as is deemed necessary.If a member requests a convening of the Committee, any ruling issued by the Committee supersedes any ruling made by the TD under section 1(K) above.


Section 3. Operation of Tournaments.The tournament rules are intended to promote fairness, equality, and good sportsmanship and shall be read and interpreted consistent with these goals.Any protests or rules violations, if known at the time, must be reported to the TD before the end of the tournament day.Violations of any rule will be referred to the Tournament Rules Committee for action in accordance with the procedures spelled out in this article.


(A) Only largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass will be scored.The minimum length must be twelve inches as measured on the club weighing boards for events that are strictly club tournaments.The limit of fish is five.A night tournament with one launch and one weigh-in shall have a limit of five fish even if the tournament hours cross into two separate calendar days.


(B) The weighing boards provided by the club are the sole means of recording tournament catches in club tournaments, which are not held as part of Region or other tournaments.Each keeper fish for exclusive club tournaments only is to be measured on the board.The member will record the corresponding wight for that measurement, and release the fish as appropriate.In the event a member, who was not in the original draw, fishes alone or with a person who is not a member of the club, they will bring legal size fish for that body of water to the weigh-in site to be weighed by another club member.Each member is authorized to bring in fish for the purpose of photographs.The fish must meet all size regulations for the body of water the fish was caught in.


C) If no fish are caught that meet the measurable scoring limit, no prizes will be awarded; and if there is no second, or third place as determined by measurable fish, these places will also not be awarded.The prize money, which was not awarded, will go into a Tournament Reserve Fund.The Reserve Fund will be used for the benefit of the club as determined by a simple majority vote of the members (ex: help pay for the Colvo Classic).


(D) The Region or other tournament scale weight will be the official club weight for non-club only tournaments.The weigh-in slips will be used to determine the club standings.The big fish for the club tournament will be determined by using the club board.Each member is expected to measure his big fish of the tournament and record the weight on the weigh-in slip.If no fish is caught which meet the Region or other tournament minimum length limit, no big fish prize will be awarded.The prize money not awarded will go into the Tournament Reserve Fund.


(E) No live or prepared baits are allowed during tournament hours with the exception of pork rind type baits.


(F) Trolling is prohibited.


(G) Each member must supply his own Coast Guard Approved Life Vest and must wear such vest at all times when the boat is under main engine power during tournament hours.The vest must be secured properly.


(H) No club member shall consume alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs, with the exception of aspirin-type painkillers or cold remedies, during tournament hours.No club member shall consume alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs at the tournament site in such a fashion as to bring discredit to the club.


(I) No member shall fish from a boat whose horsepower rating exceeds the Coast Guard recommended rating appearing on the boat.Boats must be operated in a safe manner.All Coast Guard rules and state laws governing the body of water being fished must be observed.


(J) All tournament boats must be equipped with an operational ignition kill switch which must be securely and properly attached to the life vest worn by the operator of the boat at all times when the boat is under power of the gas engine.


(K) The tournament shall start in the order the boats were drawn at the meeting prior to the tournament.The partners drawn last shall conduct the take-off and take the initiative to be in front of all the other boats.Boats will assemble behind the starter boat.Boats will be called out in numerical order and a reasonable and safe amount of time shall separate the take off of each boat.The TD shall provide the order of the take off before the start of the tournament.Any member deliberately starting out of order will have his case referred to the Tournament Rules Committee for appropriate action.At two-day tournaments the start order on the second day will be the inverse order of the prior day.Boaters who are not at the designated starting point in time to depart in accordance with their drawn place in the order of departure will automatically depart the start point last.


(L) All members will comply with the starting and check-in times and locations established by the TD, in accordance with the time as kept by him an announced prior to the start of the tournament.A penalty of eight ounces will be assessed for each minute a member is late to a weigh-in.Any member later than fifteen minutes for any reason shall have his entire catch disqualified.


(M) A memberís fish weight is subject to an eight-ounce penalty for a dead fish in tournaments held in conjunction with other events.


(N) If a member has mechanical problems and cannot return to the weigh-in site under their own power the non-boater partner may return to the weigh-in site in the boat of another member fishing the tournament to register their catch.If a member is fishing he may provide his weight sheet to another member so that member can bring the weight sheet to the tournament director at the weigh-in site.


(O) Boaters and nonboaters should use good judgment, discretion, common sense, and compromise when determining fishing locations and control of the boat.The boater may offer the nonboater time in the front of the boat based on the partnerís experience, safety, and weather conditions.To promote fairness and equal opportunity, the boater shall give the nonboater an opportunity to fish spots of his selection.Throughout the tournament, participants can fish from any part of the boat desired in accordance with safety and courtesy.


(P) If possible, partners for a tournament shall be drawn at a meeting held at least one weekend prior to the tournament.Members who are not at the meeting for the draw, nor notified a club officer prior to the draw of their intention to fish, will not be eligible to fish that tournament.The TD will exercise good judgment in the case of a last minute emergency which precludes the member from calling and making his intentions known.Furthermore, the TD will attempt to reconcile pairings before the draw.Tournament pairings shall be made in accordance with a random draw that will, to the TDís best ability, not pair the same members more than once during the course of a tournament season. Nonboaters are expected to share expenses of their boater partner.Boaters and nonboaters will conduct and equitable and honest accounting of their expenses and share them appropriately.


(Q) A member introducing a prospective new member to the club may fish with that party for one tournament.Members may not fish with persons who are not prospective members unless they first obtain approval from a majority vote of the membership.



Section 3. Scoring.The following applies to club and club affiliated tournaments:


(A) Individual tournaments will be scored on a pounds and ounces basis.Members will be ranked in descending order beginning with the heaviest catch as measured by board weight in club tournaments or scale weight in Region or other tournaments.The largest bass of the tournament shall be determined by board weight.


(B) In the event of ties for particular positions, each member tying for a particular place shall be awarded that place.However, the place immediately following shall be dropped and the standings resumed after the dropped place. (Ex. Members A and B ties for second place.Third place is dropped and member C, who finished directly behind members A and B, is awarded fourth place).


C) Members will be awarded points based on their finish in the standings for each tournament.Thirty-five points shall be awarded for first place, thirty-four for second, and so on down in order for all those members who weighed in a least one fish.Those members participating in a tournament but not weighing a legal fish shall be awarded five show points.


(D) The club overall standings shall be determined based upon points awarded for individual tournaments.The number of tournaments that shall count in a memberís season total shall be half the number of tournaments the club fishes plus one.(In a 10- tournament schedule, half plus one would be 6.A memberís 6 best finishes count in the season standings.)If an odd number of tournaments are fished during the year the amount of tournaments that count will be rounded up (In a 9-tournament schedule, half = 4.5, round up =5 , plus 1 = 6).


Section 4. Awards.Awards shall be as follows:


(A) Percentage payback for each awarded place will be determined and announced by the Treasurer, subject to the aforementioned club approval, at the first meeting of the year and shall be effective for that year.Cash awards shall be given for individual tournaments to those members who place first, second and third and to the member who catches the largest bass of the event for all tournaments, including the Colvo Classic.For a two-day tournament a separate big fish prize will be warded each day.


(B) Any person participating in a tournament who is not a Fairfax Bass member is eligible for only big fish prize money.


C) At the conclusion of the tournament season, awards shall be presented to the member(s) who finish first in the overall standings, the member(s) who catch the biggest tournament bass of the season, the members who finish in the top six places of the overall standings, and the winner of the Colvo Classic.Other prizes may be awarded as determined by club vote, i.e. big stringer award, most improved, etc.


Section 5. Tie Breakers.


(A) Tie breakers for all end of the year standings shall be determined by the total weight of each memberís catch in all of that seasonís tournaments in which the tied members were both/all entered and fished head-to-head against each other.


(B) In the event of a tie in total weight as determined by section 5(A) above, the tie will be broken by a coin flip.


C) In the case of a tie for Angler of the Year, both individuals will be awarded a trophy.


Section 6. Other Tournaments.


(A) When the club conducts one of its tournaments in conjunction with either Region 1 or another organization, the decisions of that organization shall govern the conduct of the tournament when rules are coincidental (such as starting times).However, the club aspects shall be governed by these rules.The club big fish will be determined by use of the club board.


(B) The Colvo Classic shall be fished as the last club tournament of the year.No points will be awarded for participation in the tournament and it shall not count toward the overall standings.With the exception of the rules regarding points, the rest of the rules contained herein shall apply to the Colvo Classic.


C) Participation in the Virginia Bass Federationís Mr. Bass and Chapter Team tournaments will be determined based upon the final club standings from the previous year.If a member was not in compliance with the provisions of Article IV of these rules during the previous year and leading up to the Mr. Bass and/or Chapter Team tournaments, the member is not eligible to compete in those events unless the club determines, by simple majority, that:


(1) the member has contributed a valuable service to the club within the previous year (examples: maintained the club records or standings; designed and created club award; attended youth event on behalf of the club); or


(2) participation of the member is necessary to fill last-minute vacancies to either event.


Both the Mr. Bass and Chapter Team tournaments are four day events (the two practice days immediately before the event and the two competition days), and club members participating in those events are responsible for the expenses associated with those four days.Expenses shall be divided evenly between the boaters and nonboaters in those events.

(D) The club shall provide each member participating in the Mr. Bass and Chapter Team events with a team shirt.Each member is eligible for up to two team shirts total paid for by the club, not exceeding more than one in any given year, for the purpose of participating in these events.In the event that a member is provided with a team shirt by the club and, for any reason, does not participate in either the Mr. Bass or the Chapter Team tournaments during the year in which he received the shirt, that member shall be responsible for reimbursing the club for the cost of the shirt.


(E) Any monies won by the members as a team participating in the Mr. Bass or Chapter team tournaments, excluding individual awards or prizes, shall be placed in an escrow fund to be used to pay entry fees for future Mr. Bass and Chapter Team events.








The Constitution, By-laws & Tournament Rules may be amended at a regular meeting by a 2/3 majority vote of members present, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership at least one month prior to the vote.The Constitution, By-laws & Tournament Rules may be amended on an emergency basis at any regular meeting provided that a 3/4 majority of members present at the meeting vote to do so.







The club must maintain the 100% TBF and FLW membership required by the Virginia Bass Federation and submit annual rosters to both the State and TBF/FLW organizations.

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