Member Profiles
Alden P. Colvocoresses

Alden P. Colvocoresses, known to one and all as "Colvo" was a long-time member of Fairfax Bass who passed away on March 27, 2007. During his 88 years on this earth, he achieved more than most others could in several lifetimes. He was a decorated war veteran, with service in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. After he left the Army, he worked for the US Geological Survey, where he patented two remote sensing systems and discovered a reef in the Indian Ocean. That reef was later named in his honor. He was an avid fisherman and waterfowl hunter who continued to fish on his own up until his last days -- you could always tell he was in the back of the boat just by listening to the clacking of his buzzbait as he retrieved it across the water's surface.
Chad Hallett

Chad Hallett is currently the Compensation and HRIS Manager for Software AG. Prior to that Chad worked in Minor League Baseball at the Double A level as Sales Manager. Now that Chad is out of college, he has gotten back involved in fishing and joined his first club, and has been an active member in Fairfax Bass since 2000. Over the years he has fished several 6-man tournaments and placed 7th during the 2011 season earning a spot on the 2011 Virginia State Team. That same 2011 Virginia State Team would then go on to win the 2011 TBF Mid-Atlantic Divisional. During the 2011 season Chad also won his first VA TBF Region 1 tournament on the Chickahominy River, and would then go on to win his first Fairfax Bass Angler of the Year title. When not at work or on the water Chad can be seen coaching his sons Little League team. Chad currently runs a Ranger 487 and occasionally will take his wife Amy and son Fisher out on the water.
Scott Judd

Scott Judd currently resides in Winchester Virginia with his wife Frankie, sons Keri, Ben & Brody and daughter Ava. Scott is currently the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)for a Maryland based contract glazing company out of Ijamsville Md. Scott enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and of course fishing. Scott was introduced to Fairfax Bass by Jeff Teague and joined the club in 2001. He has fished several 6-man tournaments and placed 2nd during the 2007 season winning a spot on the 2007 Virginia State Team along with Bill Roberts. With some luck and good timing, Scott plans on fishing more in the upcoming season.
Rick Jerman

Joined Fairfax Bass in the early 90s to learn from some of VA Bass Federations best anglers. Although still aspiring to develop the skills to compete with the areas best, thoroughly enjoy getting on the water, catching a few every now and then and hanging out with the guys. Had several layoffs for various reasons but hoping to someday be able to participate full time. Two teenage daughters get top priority now - but maybe down the road.
Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips is a retired Air Force Colonel on his second career as a program manager with a Northern Virginia defense contractor. He has been in Fairfax Bass for more than 20 years and previously served as its president for six years.
Pete Robbins

Pete Robbins is an attorney with the Department of Commerce Office of Regulation and Legislation. Pete has been fishing competitively since his graduation from Columbia University Law School in 1995. He has previously served as President, Tournament Director and Secretary of Fairfax Bass. Pete qualified for the Wal-Mart FLW National Championship on Lake Ferguson, Mississippi in 1997, and has won the Fairfax Bass Angler of the Year title six times. He owns a 2010 BassCat Puma powered by a 250 HP Mercury. Additionally, he enjoys writing about fishing and is a frequent contributor to Gary Yamamoto's Inside Line, Bassmaster, BASS Times, FLW, Bass West USA, and
Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts is a longtime member of Fairfax Bass, having joined in 1987. In his twenty plus years in the club, Bill has won multiple Angler of the Year titles and qualified for the Virginia Bass Federation State Team on six occasions. He has twice advanced to the Federation National Championship (1997 and 2008). When not fishing, Bill and his wife Rose spend time at their home in the Shenandoah Mountains.
Bill is a federal judge and is seated on the United States Copyright Royalty Board. He was appointed in January of 2006.
Jeff Teague

Jeff Teague retired from a successful Air Force career in Jan 2000. Growing up in NC, several days of school were missed due to a serious illness called fishing fever. Even his two boys Chance currently at ODU and Myles currently at ECU seem to catch it from time to time. Jeff started with a 1600 TF Tracker purchased by his wife of 23 years. Mrs. Faye lost her battle with cancer in April of 04, Jeff currently has a Champion 203DCX. A member of Fairfax Bass sense 1995 and fished his first 6 man as an alternate in May of 2002. Jeff served as Treasurer from 1995-1999. Jeff is a program manager American Security Programs.